Code of Conduct


All “players” (which shall include officials) participating at events sanctioned by or controlled by the Indoor Sports NSW and its sub-committees are obliged to adhere to a Code of Conduct.

For purposes of definition, the Code extends from the player’s time of selection as a representative until the return of the player following the event. The interpretation of the Code shall be made by the Board of Directors of Indoor Sports NSW or their nominated representative.

1. At all times the player shall follow direction regarding behaviour when given by IS NSW, Venue Manager or State Official.

2. The Player shall obey and respect all designated “non-smoking” areas, and areas where alcohol shall be prohibited.

3. Abuse, harassment or other intimidation (be it physical, verbal or sexual) of any other player, official, IS NSW umpire, IS NSW representative, or member of the public may result in charges being laid against the offender in accordance with current IS NSW Harassment Policy and disciplinary By-Laws.

4. A spirit of sportsmanship and fair play is to be encouraged at all times.

Players are advised that any matter contrary to the above guidelines shall be dealt with by an IS NSW appointed Disciplinary Committee, who shall consider all evidence before it, and may impose penalties at their discretion, or who may refer the matter to the Board of Directors of IS NSW. The Disciplinary Committee Chairperson shall inform the player/s that they have breached the code and the penalty that will be enforced. Within 30 days of such notice, the player may, if they wish, lodge an appeal against the decision. Players are advised that the penalties imposed by IS NSW may extend to preclusion from participating in sanctioned competitions.